We’re Positively Glee-ful Over This Darren Criss Gotye Cover

Ever since Gotye’s gorgeous duet with Kimbra, “Somebody I Used To Know,” first made a splash with its innovative music video and its I-sooo-feel-you lyrics, it’s catapulted up the charts to become a monster hit and a popular target for pop-culture covers. So, it was obviously only a matter of time until the folks at Glee tackled the song — and we have to say, they nailed.
Yeah, the show’s been hit or miss, particularly this season, but a preview clip of next week’s episode (hitting the tube on April 10) was released yesterday, and it's a doozy. In it, Blaine and his older brother Cooper (played by guest star Matt Bomer of USA’s White Collar) take turns belting out lyrics, crescendoing into beautiful unison, and it’s hot hot hot!
The two musical men circle-off and confront each other, but stop short of making up, and the emotions in their performance will seriously send shivers down your spine. So, even if you’re over Glee, it's time to put aside your reservations and watch this stellar cover. They might just be made-for-TV sibs, but Darren and Matt tear this track apart to a very real effect (and look devastatingly hunky while doing so).
Photo: Courtesy of FOX/Adam Rose

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