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A Real Girl Shows Off Her Hair Secrets

Gina Correll, 29, Stylist, Producer, Chef
In her professional life, the lovely Gina Correll wears many hats—including a chef's hat. But it was her wild locks, killer smile, and affinity for bright lipstick that landed her on our radar. And since she isn't shy about sharing the details of her beauty routine, we asked her to reveal a little insider dish on how she tames her fierce mane (she's already tried the shaved-head route!) and her must-have products. Read on for more of her beauty secrets. 
What's your go-to style—hair up or down?
"It depends on how my hair looks that day. Usually down."
Do you have any hair icons? 
"I try to emulate my pop. He had long hair back in the day and I think we look alike, so my goal is to be as groovy and handsome as he was. However, my hairstyle icons are definitely Tina Turner and Shuggie Otis. And of course, my mother, whose hair over the years has looked like a cross between the two. In later years, I'd like to channel Lina Wertmüller."
When did you decide to start growing out your hair and why?
"I shaved my head once in college, and then again a few years later. The first time was a dare, plus, I wanted to rebel against the round brush, blow-dried look every other teenager had on the West Coast. The second time it was for a commercial. I liked my shaved head so much the first time around, I thought, ‘Why not make some money off it?’ My hair's been growing slowly, but surely, ever since."
How long did it take to get your hair to this length? 
"Five years."
Do you have any secret styling weapons? 
"Moroccanoil products."
What are the hazards of having long hair? Do you have any horror stories?
“I did have a chunk of it freeze and split off when I was skiing once as a kid. I think the biggest hazard of long locks is being considered a ‘chick’ which can work against how I’m feeling at any given moment."
What do you love about having long hair? 
"Conversely to my last answer: It feminizes me." 
How often do you trim your hair? 
"As little as possible. Probably every six months."
What's your everyday hair routine?
"Wake up and hope...."  
Do you use any special tricks to combating hair issues?
"I get out of the shower at night, brush it, apply Moroccanoil Oil Treatment then and wrap it up and put on a beanie or a scarf. That will usually keep my hair somewhat tidy for a couple days."
Besides your hair, what's your signature makeup look? 
"A good ol' summer tan and bright lipstick. On special occasions I break out the fake eyelashes."
Do you switch your makeup looks depending on how you wear your hair? 
"Every day my look is dependent on how my hair looks—and what shoes I feel like wearing."