7 Semi-Sneaky Ways To Get Upgrades Everywhere

In every friend group, there's one person who's just a little better than the rest at finessing complimentary appetizers at happy hour, the best table at brunch, and salon upgrades typically reserved for celebrity clientele. While her wily methods never involve outright breaking the law (not worth it for even the roomiest of restaurant accommodations), they definitely include taking ballsy risks everyone else is too bashful to attempt. Bottom line: She's never met a loophole she didn't like.
Now that you've had some quality time to admire your pal's maneuvers from the sidelines, it's high time to try some rule-bending of your own. And even if your sneaky friend won't spill, the clever people we spoke to were all too willing to share the tried-and-true, almost devious hacks that can score you everything from first-class seats to a day at the spa with a glass of Moet Imperial Ice in hand. Read on, report back, and, of course, keep it on the DL.

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