Inside Georgina Bloomberg’s Closet: She’s Just Like Us… Kind Of

Georgina Bloomberg (Big Bloomberg's daughter) penned an article for The New York Times, chronicling her week in outfits (and horse races, and Bloomberg Family Foundation board meetings, and Today show appearances, as well as time on the "farm," of course).
Yeah, her life isn't exactly likes yours. Except, from the sound of her outfit choices, she is (or at least tries to be) as laid back and normal as can be. A few things we were surprised to learn:
1. She wears Target to board meetings.
2. She keeps jewelry from exes as "compensation."
3. Sure, she gets beautiful Chanel heirlooms from her mother once a year, but she pairs them with shoes from Marshalls.
4. Oh, and she makes jokes about NASCAR colors (and actually knows what those are).

Although it's hard to imagine a Bloomberg scouring the discount bins, it's perhaps even more confusing how young she sounds in this story (maybe that's fitting though, since she's a YA novelist). We kinda thought this story read more like it was penned by a college student than a 29-year-old. So...maybe she really is the youthful sweatpants 'n' sneaks type of girl she portrays, here? Or, maybe, as a baseball player-dating equestrian with a billionaire father, she just does a really good imitation of one. Check out the full article and tell us what you think of New York's first daughter, below. (
New York Times


Photo: Via The New York Times

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