Ease Your Coachella Jealousy At This Local Show & EP Release Party

If you have serious Coachella FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, it's a thing), you've got to check out Gemini Club's EP release party at Lincoln Hall. This Saturday, the indie electronic-dance band will be fête-ing their new album Here We Sit with a performance that is sure to be worthy of shakin' it. The group is known for their awesome beats and for spontaneously remixing their songs onstage, ensuring that no two shows are exactly the same. Tickets will only run you $10, so click here to purchase, and get ready for your own Coachella experience on the cheap—no obnoxious headdresses required.
When: Saturday, April 21, 10 p.m.
Where: Lincoln Hall, 2424 North Lincoln Avenue (between North Fullerton Avenue and North Halstead Street); 773-525-2501.
Photo: Courtesy Gemini Club

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