Garden-State Gowns, Gisele Takes A Break, and Sifting Urban Outfitters' Trash

It's time for a Roitfeld family portrait. Everybody smile for the camera! Or… um… or don't. (T)
Reacting to H&M's "Trashgate", Treehugger takes a very productive dive into Urban Outfitters' dumpster. (Treehugger)
New mother Gisele Bündchen will be taking some time off of modeling to change diapers and be beautiful and rich. (Elle UK)
"Jersey Couture"? Really? Well if you say so. (The Cut)
Cintra Wilson can't decide if L.A.'s Lily et Cie is a legendarily glamourous boutique, or a museum with price tags. (NYT)
Alex Wang's zipper glasses were knocked off before they were ever made. (Wears The Skinny)
Who does hair and makeup better, the red carpet or the runway? (Elle)
Look out, fashion people! Derek Blasberg's got a book coming out. (10)
A $500 Rick Owens for $79.99. It's been too long since we were in Century 21. (Racked)

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