The Stress-Management Tips One Entrepreneur Swears By

Even if the historical response to "How are you?" is "Fine, thank you," these days, we know that that "fine" now comes with an underlying, supersized side of stress.
While many of us are searching for ways to manage the pressure we're under, some of us have had to deal with 2020-level amounts of it before, including Minna Lee, a wellness entrepreneur whose life and job were once so demanding that both her physical and mental health were at risk.
"Since our culture asks a lot of us, constantly saying 'Go, go, hustle, hustle,' I used to feel guilty about taking a vacation or relaxing," Lee says in the below video, brought to you in partnership with Garden of Life. "I felt like I needed to use every bit of my time. But I realized that I was living my life around other people’s expectations of me instead of what was best for me. When my thinking is off track, I get insecure, I start shaming myself, everything slows down, and I feel like I'm trying to think through quicksand."
Ahead, watch how Lee learned to keep her mind and body in balance (note to self: probiotics are key), and the two non-negotiables she has for maintaining her wellbeing.

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