Here’s An Important Reminder To Listen To What Your Body Needs (Especially Now)

It's fair to say that many of us have been experiencing worse-than-normal brain function lately, given our attention has been occupied by reacting to excessive external stimuli. But even if simple tasks like remembering your keys has become a daily struggle (guilty), here's an important reminder that tending to your energy levels and focus should still be a top priority.
As seen in the below video — brought to you in partnership with Garden of Life, whose protein contains no fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives — chef Francesca Chaney stresses the importance of being attuned to your specific needs.
"When it comes to my body, I usually know when I'm feeling low on nutrients," Chaney says. "My energy levels will drop or I can lack brain clarity. If I'm feeling sluggish or it’s hard for me to focus, I know I need to adjust the foods I’m putting into my body."
Below, watch how Chaney's lifelong relationship with nourishing food influences her daily routine, all to achieve "a sense of power and alignment.”

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