Game Of New York: The Kingdoms Of Westeros On An NYC Map

It's no longer a guilty pleasure best kept to yourself — Game of Thrones the show and the book is a hit even here among the fashion cognoscenti (just ask our staff). So, as much as our hearts were saddened to watch the season end last night, our morning was made bright by seeing the warring kingdoms of Game of Thrones transcribed onto a map of New York City's five boroughs. Naturally, Manhattan is Westeros, with the Starks holding down everything above 59th Street and wealthy House Lannister making its seat among the celebs of Tribeca. Further out, lower Long Island becomes the fearsome Dothraki Sea, the frankly obnoxious raiders of the Iron Islands sail in from New Jersey, and the wintry wastes of Westchester lie somewhere beyond The Wall ("White Walkers," indeed). Created by Rentshare, it recasts George R.R. Martin's deadly, dirty, addictive epic into a Song of Icies and Fire Island. Sorry. That was too much. (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Rentshare

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