Win A Medal For Being Just Okay (And Smelling Awesome)

Let's face it — most of us will never win an Olympic medal (unfortunately running in heels is not recognized as a multi-national sport— we're aware and we're working on it). But that doesn't mean we don't deserve a little recognition. Rather than getting secretly bitter that we quit soccer to take up scrap-booking (what?!), we're throwing down for this super-cute soap that also gives us an ego boost... well, kind of. It's Need Supply's Scent Of Mediocrity Soap — a lather-able soap-on-a-rope kudos that comes in Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It's the medal for all of us New Yorkers who never got to practice our windsurfing. Sure, it may be called mediocrity but with fragrance notes of "bourbon, tonka bean, lavender, saponified organic olive, coconut, and palm oils," we're sure it'll leave you smelling like a champion. And that's what's most important.
Need Supply Scent Of Mediocrity Soap, $12, available at Need Supply.
Photo: Via Need Supply

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