Daily Diversion: What Should We Call Me Provides GIFs For Every Occasion

Despite the fact that we all experience them, some things just can’t be expressed in words. How one feels, for instance, after waking up next to that hot guy or girl from the bar last night and seeing that they’re still hot – there’s no perfect term for that. And as for the experience of saying you’re bored and then being told by a friend to go to the gym – why, even the 1,000 words painted by a picture couldn’t capture that emotion.
Luckily we have animated GIFs and the Tumblr What Should We Call Me to help us out in moments like that. This collection of moving pop-culture images manages to capture the complicated feelings of complicated situations in a way that's…well…words don’t do it justice. Sound brilliant? It is. But be warned – if you had something important to do today, it’s just never gonna happen once you click on this link. (What Should We Call Me)
Screen Shot 2012-03-08 at 9.46.12 AM
Photo: via What Should We Call Me.

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