An Honest Portrayal Of Getting Your Period

Your period's got a lot of euphemisms. Some say it's a visit from your Aunt Flo. Others might say you're on your monthly. Let's just call it what it is: You're on your period — and things are getting real down there. Everyone's period is different, but you're pretty likely to feel tired, crampy, and uncomfortable. Your tampons? They always seem to be MIA when you need them.

There are some silver linings, though: Your period could help you bond with your sisters in menstruation. It can even help you get out of stuff you don't want to do (however, it's advisable to keep this to a minimum — i.e., yes, you still have to go to your cousin's wedding). And if you really don't want to hit up the gym, it's cool, though if we're being honest, a quick workout could help.

In this video, we take a silly — yet honest — approach to what it's like to bleed for days and not die.

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