Friend Guilt? Here’s What To Do

006_Rodarte-NinaW-3-2_NinaWesterveltPhotographed by Nina Westervelt.
Is your social calendar out of control, yet you feel obligated to attend every cocktail hour, brunch, and shopping sesh? According to Shape, you may have a serious case of friend guilt. "It all goes back to the rise of Internet culture," self-esteem expert Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D. tells Shape. "People have access to more information, so they're getting involved in more activities." Add to the mix that social media has turned some people into narcissists (read: The party just won't be the same without your presence), which creates unnecessary pressure. The good news is that there is a way to squash the guilt and keep your friends in the process, so click here to get the full scoop here. (Shape)

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