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links060608Please remember to keep your hands outside the bars and don't feed Nagi Noda's growling "Hair Hats." (pictured, Yanko Design)
We "tastemakers" agree that "tastemaker" might just be the worst neologism of all time. Now let's get to work on "fashionista." (Black Book)
Also from the sharp tacks at Black Book, George Orwell's dark, 1948 political-fiction classic finally gets the sock-puppet interpretation it always deserved. (Black Book)
"Allah's tailor" has run afoul of Turkey's Islamic conservatives. Muslim fashion is a tightrope act indeed. (TelegraphUK)
Who's who on fashion's rich list? Well, not us for one. (Daily Mail UK)
Apparently, "deceptive" stylists use all sorts of "dirty" tricks to prepare clothes for fashion shoots. We are shocked and appalled. In other news—sky blue, grass green. (The Record)
A Utah woman stole $2,000 dollars worth of jewelery by swallowing it. That's some pricey poop. (Jezebel)
Walt Disney may be the new Coco Chanel as actress Jaime Winstone and model Amy Finalyson draw inspiration from Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell. Respectively, of course. (This is London and Paper)

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