An Ode To The Tiny Upscale Candle I Don’t Need, But Love

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to talk about this little thing called splurging. It's time that we get real and embrace the thrill of occasionally making less-than-practical purchases online. Why? One, because you probably deserve it. Two, if there was ever a time to buy expensive, oh la la-worthy products online, we'd say it's during the doldrums of winter. And three, we just discovered an upscale, hygge home decor wonderland that's actually worth dropping a chunk of change at.

FRAMA, your new match made in fancy-candle-shopping heaven, is best known for its minimal-chic and high-quality lifestyle goods — from ceramic dinnerware sets to solid oak tables, nourishing beauty products, and beyond. Last week, I welcomed the brand's tiny-but-mighty Deep Forest candle into my apartment and, dare I say, I may have discovered the scent of the season. Find out below if this luxe home fragrance is truly worth its €35 price tag (this is roughly $39, so by no means cheap, but you do get 10% off your first that's something!) Spoiler alert: I already want another one.

Let's talk about THEE scent.

Please excuse me as I take a whiff so I can describe it accurately (and put my creative writing degree to use). Ah, yes, I remember now. In no way, shape, or form does this candle transport me to a snowy, coniferous forest akin to that of a York Peppermint Patty commercial — instead, I'm escorted to an upscale department store makeup counter and being doused in a gender-neutral perfume that makes me feel classy, professional, and just the right amount of cozy. I, myself, would love to emit the scent-symphony of orange, white rose, cedarwood, and patchouli notes bellowing from FRAMA's Deep Forest Bougie Parfumée. But, I'll let my apartment win this round. (To my delight, the brand does offer it as a perfume!)

If you were to walk into my apartment after I’d been burning this petite wax-filled vessel for an hour, you'd be hit with an earthy, floral scent that effortlessly waltzes with cold weather but could also have fun in the summer sun upon request. (If that's all too abstract, just know it smells good, burns evenly, with an odor versatile enough to be used all year round if you so desire.)

Does size really matter?

Based on the price, some might call the candle’s delicate footprint underwhelming. But, what it lacks in size it makes up for in aroma. My one-bedroom apartment is around 600 square feet, and the earthy scent wafted freely throughout the space like a determined dancer. The burner’s smoked-glass vessel and sans-serif lettering are minimalistic and chic just like the rest of FRAMA’s inventory, which my over-cluttered apartment and I can appreciate. And, hello, it’s the perfect size for a sweet little Valentine's Day surprise.

How many dollar signs are we talking about?

In my reviews, sometimes I ask, “Is it worth it?” or, “Should you buy it?” but in this special case, it's hard to decide. PROS: It smells, looks, and simply is innately luxurious. CONS: It costs the same amount as a candle that is at least three times its size. However, hear us out: $40 is around the same amount that you might spend on an arguably even more ephemeral indulgence, like a manicure or a round of drinks. Plus, if you don’t buy it, you may never experience the satisfaction of wowing your most dashing and dapper high society friends after they come over and inhale your living space's luxurious fragrance. Final answer: it's a worthy splurge for yourself or a well-deserving loved one, but, if a candle is just not your cup of aromatic tea, you can always peruse FRAMA’s entire gift shop of unique, bougie gift-worthy goods that’ll impress everyone on your list and make you feel the rush of a good, ol' fashioned, just-for-the-heck-of-it shopping spree. 
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