The Unexpected Way Fragrance Gives You All The Feels

Nothing freaks us out quite like passing a rando on the street and smelling the same perfume our mom used to wear. (If this happens, you have to call home ASAP. It’s a rule.) The fact is, fragrance has the power to transport you — and you can blame science for that. Scents can tap into the part of the brain responsible for mood, emotion, and memory, making them the ultimate #throwback.
Even more intriguing? Different scents evoke different feelings. Some smells give you energy and get you ready to take on whatever your boss throws your way. Others may drive you to respond to a text from your ex (our advice — don’t). And a few can even make you feel like you own the place — like the hibiscus notes in the new Jimmy Choo L'Eau fragrance.
So what can you do now that you're armed with this knowledge? We turned to experts Isabel Ryan, fragrance development consultant at Ryan Fragrance Consulting, and Amy Galper, founder of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, to discover exactly which fragrance notes can de-stress, get you in the mood, and make you happier. Spray, sniff, and be merry!

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