The Mission Beats Out Williamsburg In Forbes’ Hipster Hood Face-Off

A quick peek around the beanie and bike-laden Mission district and it’s easy to understand why people associate the sunny ‘hood with the counter-culture-lovin’ crowd. So, obviously, we’re not that shocked when it makes an occasional cameo on lists rounding out the most hipster spots in America. But, much to our surprise, the Mission actually came in second place and beat out Williamsburg (along with a gaggle of other U.S. hoods) in Forbes’ hipster city showdown.
What exactly is the cool-kid criteria for choosing these trendy enclaves? Well, according to Forbes (with the help of, the amount of coffee shops per capita, walkability, food trucks, locally owned bars, and peeps that peg themselves as creative all come into play. Sounds about right! But, what neighborhood really takes the cake when it comes to hipsterdom? That’d be (supposedly) Silver Lake. Do you agree with the findings? Let us know below! (Curbed SF)

Photo: Via Four Barrel