Happy Holidays! We're Giving You The Gift Of Flawless Flat Waves

modeled by Bianca Valle.
'Tis the season for frothing Champagne glasses, holiday parties, and the neat updos we usually sport at them. This year, leave the bobby pins at home and shake up your festive-gatherings style with these romantic flat waves. We've got the hack for Art Deco-inspired waves down to two quick steps — they'll be your brand-new go-to for nights at the speakeasy or office drinks (or possibly both, depending on how awesome your job is). Try them yourself using the steps below, and watch the video above for the full technique.
Step 1. With each section of your hair, insert the curling iron with the clamp facing upward. Then, switch and insert it with the clamp facing down.
Step 2. Continue alternating up and down throughout your hair. With your fingertips, shake out your hair from the roots.

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