PSA To NYC: Lay Off The 5-Hour Energy (Or Else)

New York has been called many things, but "the city that never sleeps" is probably its most accurate description. From endless hours spent at work to rewarding ourselves with a busy social life, it can be difficult to keep up and wreak havoc on our health. Since sleep is rarely an option, New Yorkers often choose other methods of staying awake, from coffee to ice-cold water, but one scary new report on the popular 5-Hour Energy Drink has us questioning them all.
The New York Times reports the now-ubiquitous energy shot may be involved in 13 deaths — wait, what? Besides keeping you up after a long night of partying working, 5-Hour Energy may have been a factor in heart attacks, convulsions, and other serious medical issues. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration freaks us out even more adds that over 13,000 emergency room visits in 2009 were energy drink-related.
Though there's not sufficient evidence to fully blame 5-Hour for the death and injury in the over-90 cases reported, we wonder if even the mention of this threat will finally be the thing to make us slow down and get the zzz's we need. (New York Times)5hourenergyop

Photo: Via New York Times


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