These Classic Waves Are Perfect For Short Hair — & So Easy To Copy

Roughly 100 people die every day of breast cancer in the U.S. — and virtually all of these deaths are from metastatic breast cancer. That's individual people — moms, daughters, sisters, friends — multifaceted women for whom cancer is just one thing, not everything. Over the first 11 days of October, we are telling the stories of these women who have found strength in their sense of self, power in their beauty, and who refuse to let an incurable, deadly disease tell their story for them.

Meet Brittney, a 19-year-old woman living with stage-IV breast cancer. Since being diagnosed this past year, she hasn't wanted sympathy — only opportunities that let her live life to the fullest. "I want to have a future," she says, adding that she plans to attend college and write a book. Her ambition and positivity amid the challenges she faces is infectious, inspiring us all to go after our dreams. In this special edition of Short Cuts, we're celebrating the beauty and resilience of women fighting cancer. Below, find out how Brittney gets her beautiful retro waves.
Step 1. Squeeze out a generous amount of styling gel. Step 2. Use a comb to evenly work the product from roots to ends. Step 3. Starting at the back of your crown, brush a one-inch section up toward your forehead. Step 4. Using the comb, create an "S"-shaped wave. Sculpt the wave into your desired shape with your fingers if necessary. Step 5. Use the comb to shape another one-inch section into an "S." Continue this on either side until you reach the top of the ear, then tuck any extra pieces under.

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