Just In: Scented Shoelaces For Pre-Teen Girls (Finally)!

Didn't know they made those, didya? Yes scented shoelaces targeted to pre-teen girls—who, we dunno, smell their shoes a lot?—may soon be hitting the young accessories market in flavors like "pancake batter", "bubble gum", and "ketchup" (Fendi are you listening?). Bohemia, New York-based company Apparel Dynasty, who manufactures the sniffy styles, is aiming to get girls to not only tie up their shoes, but also use 'em as belts or bracelets. But is this really the proper use of a groundbreaking technology? Shouldn't this be aimed at dudes' smelly gym shoes with scents like "baby powder", "fresh breeze", and "anti-manstink?" Just trying to be helpful here. (Miami Herald)
Photo: Via Apparel Dynasty.

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