This Is Our Jam: FIDLAR, "White On White"

L.A. punks FIDLAR is the sort of band that could get saddled with descriptions like “bringing guitar music back” or “keeping rock ‘n' roll alive” if the members took themselves more seriously (or seriously at all, really). Its name is an acronym for “Fuck It, Dog, Life's A Risk,” which is exactly what its music sounds like: brash, loud, sarcastic, caustic, and fun.
New single “White on White,” from the upcoming, self-titled record (out January 22 on Mom + Pop) is all those things and more. Guitarist Elvis Kuehn – this time taking on vocal duties – attacks his singing with the ferocity of pre-Rollins Black Flag, and with a guitar that shreds and squeals with just the right amount of feedback and fuzz. Following its last single, "Cheap Beer" (chorus: “I. Drink. Cheap. Beer. So. What. Fuck. You."), “White On White” is even leaner and more confrontational. In typical punk fashion, it’s all over in less that three minutes, so if you don’t like it, whatever.
"White on White"
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