Win 10 Stackable Silver Rings, Handmade In S.F.

To celebrate San Francisco Fashion Week (which we're still sort of unsure is a real thing!), pint-sized Castro shop Fiat Lux is hosting a giveaway of 10 simple-but-stunning, stackable silver rings, handmade right there in the shop. What can you do to win? First things first, head over to Fiat Lux's blog, which has all the info. The abbreviated version: A little commenting, a little Twitter-following. By doing so, you'll also be putting in your digital vote for Team Bling, in a good-natured Bling vs. Bread challenge that the shop has held up to the neighboring Thoroughbread Bakery. Whoever gets to 1,000 Twitter followers first gets, well, Church Street bragging rights. Plus, you get a set of pretty rings! The contest closes on Wednesday, August 17, so hop to it.

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