Hang Time with Jenn Im
Inside The Halloween-Ready Wardrobe Of A Top Blogger

Check out how one top style blogger turns her wardrobe into halloween fun.

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Of all the things we have in common with Jenn Im, we're most grateful that we share her love of voyeurism. That's right: Neither of us can get enough of creeping into people's closets. All the better if those people are actually home while we do it. (Because, breaking and entering is #notcool.) Luckily, Feral Creature's Eugenie was there to answer Jenn's curious knock on her door. Then, she let us all into her expansive closet. Truthfully, it looked more like a warehouse. And, we got to peek what kind of skeletons (literal and otherwise) she's been keeping in there. We also got a look at how she dresses for her signature style — and which items she saved (and saved) up to buy. Ahead, how to turn your wardrobe into Halloween-costume fodder. And, of course, how to make the weird work for every day, too.
Feral Creature - Eugenie Style BloggerReleased on October 29, 2014

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