Hang Time with Jenn Im
Inside The Closets Of YouTube’s Biggest Vloggers

Check out how two of YouTube's biggest stars plan outfits in this brand new video series.

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Look, we can't help it if we're curious. And, we can't help it if our line of questioning lands us in some super intimate settings. For example, when we see YouTube style stars like Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters and Jill Wallace of Little Black Boots, we wanna know what their getting-dressed process is like. Similarly, when we see the perfect dress or necklace (often as worn by these two themselves), we feel the need to see what else might live alongside it. So, we took our voyueristic tendencies to the very next level and employed Ms. Im to go into the homes of some of her Vlogger BFFs. Enter: Hang Time With Jenn Im, our new series dedicated to asking the hard questions — our way.
We sent Jenn around L.A with a camera and some clothing pop quizzes. Each week, we'll go inside the homes of some of YouTube's most well-clad ladies to get the scoop on how they make their personality-driven style translate from the depths of their dressers to their millions of subscribers. We'll find out what they'd wear every day if they could. And, we'll prompt them to part with one item they might never wear again. Tune in to see what happens when their cameras stop rolling — and ours are there to call action. For our first installment, we learn how Jill Wallace turns Boho style into copy-now looks she makes her own. Watch and look forward to more every Wednesday from the super lovable Jenn Im.
Jenn Im Clothing Video - Jill Wallace StyleReleased on October 1, 2014

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