Hang Time with Jenn Im
Peep Amy Pham’s Boho-With-A-Twist Wardrobe

Go inside the closet of YouTube star Amy Pham for tips on how to dress Boho.

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We're not sure the exact science behind total eclipses. But, we do know that when two stars — the YouTube kind — collide, the blast is so bright you can't stare straight at it. The fusion is too good to look away, and so powerful you know it'll make its mark on your brain for a while. Such is the case in our brand-new series Hang Time With Jenn Im, where the YouTube superstar gets the exclusive lowdown on what fellow It Girls have behind their closet doors. This week, we'll get the scoop on Dj/host/editor/muse Amy Pham to see how she brings extra flair to her white, black, and boho ways. If you're into monochromatic looks, maxi-dresses, or, well, the Internet, stay tuned.
Jenn Im Video - Amy Pham Style TipsReleased on October 1, 2014

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