Best of the Week: February 2nd-February 6th

best-of-the-week-mainHot New Hair Buzz: Shaving! It Ain't Just for Guys Anymore!
Wow, it's a gutsy move to get rid of that much hair. Maybe these photos will inspire you to live dangerously. Or just... vicariously. I mean, even slight trims give us the shakes.
Take Advantage of the Weakened Pound with These Seven British E-Boutiques
Those Brits! They have the good accents, the style, and the money that stretches the farthest! But now they can't laugh haughtily at us for our sad economic times. Well, they can, but maybe not as loudly.
Shredded: Tattered Knits Rip Through the City Streets!
Delicate cozy cobwebs that you'll want to cuddle in, instead of swat away.
Six Stylish Alternatives to "The Snuggie"--The Blanket With Sleeves!
"Being warm" and "being stylish" are often antithetical. Except if you're wearing a fashionable blanket! Snuggiiiiie!
It Girl Survival Kits: Steal The Look Of These Four It Ingenues
Playing dress up is fun no matter what, but a boost of stylish-gal guidance could never hurt.
Gap Teeth: The Latest Must-Have Accessory?
Yikes: how many years of orthodontia could have been saved if this had been true a handful of years ago?!
Want a Cocktail With That Cocktail Dress? Four New Spaces That Take Shopping To the Next Level
Drinking and shopping sounds... dangerous. If shops were open while bars were open, we'd have to sober up to face bad choices and debt. Oh, wait.
Rad or Bad? Bigger and Blonder
This is inevitably going to jump start a lotta blonde jokes.
From Cigarillos to Alex Wang, Lessons on Channelling Your Best '70s French Mistress
Is Chinese roulette different than Russian roulette? Either way, thanks to Anna Karina, a stunning outfit is a stunning outfit.
Who Wore It Best? Check Out Our Latest Batch of Stylish Two-Timers
Balmain! Ohne! Bows! Sparkles! Everyone internationally says I love you to these guys, apparently.

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