Febreze Blindfolds Soho Shoppers, Then Sends Them To Disgusting Locations

Ever since we moved out of our Tribeca office last week, we've been shocked to find that outside of the Canal Street stink, there's a whole world of clean-smelling air to be had. That said, we were pretty skeptical when we heard about this Febreeze commercial on AdWeek (below) that claims to mask even the most putrid parts of Canal Street. Watch as innocent passerby are pulled off the street for an "experiment," blindfolded, and then plopped down in a disgusting room (complete with a random shaggy dog wandering around) that's been heavily sprayed with Febreze. We hate to imagine what that couch really smells like, but according to these ladies it's something along the lines of lemon, lilac, and fresh laundry. We guess this is a definitive testament to the masking power of Febreze, but we're still crossing our fingers that our apartments never get dirty enough to require such an industrial-quality smell savior.

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