Now You Can Adorn Your Lady Parts With Feathers & Fur

Is your vagina suffering from S.A.D. (what, it happens?). Well, now there's a way to pep up your poonani this winter: Feathers! The inventor of vajazzling, Completely Bare, is launching two new services to help you freak out turn on your significant other (or random hookup, we're not judging) this Valentine's Day. For $195, you can have a trained professional rip out all of your pubic hair and glue some brightly-colored feathers in their place. Carnivale indeed. If you prefer your labia to look a bit more luxe, $225 will buy you the Foxy Bikini, featuring real fox fur in a variety of hues — that's right, your very own fur merkin!
With all those feathers, fur, and rhinestones, it's going to start looking like a Mardi Gras parade down there if you're over zealous. We're not sure when it became the norm to flamboyantly accessorize your va-jay-jay, but we can't say we're on board. If that's what floats your boat, then by all means go crazy, but we'll keep our lady parts feather-free, thankyouverymuch. (TMZ)

Photos: (Homepage) Via Bebe; (Above) Via TMZ.

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