14 Prized Fashion Possessions Revealed!

UPDATE: While you embark on fall shopping excursions, get a little inspo for what makes a lasting impression. This story was originally published on April 9.
There's nothing wrong with a little envy every now and then, right? Sometimes it's even inspiring. We put our closet envy to work, and found out what some of Chicago's most stylish ladies, the ones with truly killer wardrobes, thought of as their most prized fashion possession. We required photo evidence, of course, and we're showing off all the sartorial rarity and the wonder that lives inside Chicago's most coveted collections. We've got handmade treasures, luxe goodies bought for a steal, and one-of-a-kind wardrobe gold you can only dream about. What's your absolute favorite, can't-live-without-it fashion find? Share your envy-worthy merch in our comments section, and see if it stacks up against the loot we discovered!
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Penny Lane, Director of Visual Merchandising at Sofia Boutique

My most prized possession is this collection of necklaces that my boyfriend made. These pieces are super special to me because they are items we have collected from our road trips and antiquing adventures. Everything used is a mix of vintage finds and real animal parts (ie buffalo molars, beaver teeth, antlers etc.), making the necklaces even more one of a kind!

Photo: Courtesy of Penny Lane
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Autumn Merritt, co-owner and designer of Sir & Madame

My most recent prized possession comes in the form of '70s vintage frames from Optyl. I love the shape of them and the fact that they only are lightly tinted, so you will catch me with these babies on at anytime! As a matter of fact, I might even get a prescription placed in them. I spotted them at the booth of our vintage frame vendor at Project Las Vegas and had to have them. Luckily they were a cash and carry and B, the husband, got them for me as a Valentine's Day gift.

Photo: Courtesy of Autumn Merritt
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Corri McFadden, owner at eDrop-Off

My treasured item is my Chanel Gunmetal Leather Chain Clutch. This piece was given to me as a surprise by my amazing boyfriend to congratulate me on House of Consignment. Chanel is the way to any girls heart!

Photo: Courtesy of Corri McFadden
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Elena Greenwell, model

My Mason Martin Margiela's came into my life at the end of summer '11 on a photo shoot. It was love at first try-on! They are the perfect go-to shoe for me, they flatter my legs and can sass up just about every outfit from casual to dressy.

Photo: Courtesy of Elena Greenwell
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Shani Silver, Chicago Editor at Refinery29

My red DVF coat is without a doubt my most prized fashion possession. I found it at a Salvation Army for $8. It's oversized, warm, and amazing. It's in such great condition, I'm sometimes afraid to wear it out, lest I spill something on it (I'm a clutz), but a coat this beautiful is meant to be worn.
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Chelsea McGrath, Director of Branding at Sofia Boutique

My fashion treasure is my Native American turqouise silver hand piece. I love this because it connects me to my Native American heritage. It's one of a kind.

Photographed by Kyle LaMere, bracelet image courtesy of Chelsea McGrath
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Leslie Bembinster, owner at This Is A Ghost Town

I happened upon this vintage dress over a year ago in a Salvation Army with the full intention of putting it up for sale in my shop, but once I discovered that it was a perfect fit, no suitcase has been packed without it. This crochet lattice mini has traveled with me everywhere from NYC to San Fransisco and even across the border to Mexico City. It is my fashion treasure because I can pair it with a vintage denim or an army jacket and '90s Doc Marten chelsea boots (that I recently found in the same thrift shop!) for a casual daytime grunge look and then remove the jacket and add a simple bracelet for a sleek nighttime transition.

Photo: Courtesy of Leslie Bembinster
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Melissa Arnstine, Event Planner at Macy's, blogger at Stylissh

After an internship at Limited Brands in Victoria Secret's PR dept I was given a parting gift any girl would kill for. I was told to pick out a one-of-a-kind pair of Christian Louboutin's that had been created exclusively for the Victoria Secret fashion show, and worn by a supermodel. I squeezed my foot into nearly every shoe in the fashion closet, but ultimately my heart was won over by the studs & gold worn by none other then Karolina Kurkova (her name's still on a sticker inside the shoe). I don't know what I love more, the red sole or the supermodel DNA.

Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Arnstine
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Whitney Feldmann, Refinery29 Chicago Intern

I found this (amazing) vintage YSL bag when I did a fashion study abroad program in Rome & Milan. The most beautiful high-end leathers in the world are produced in Italy, so I searched the entire trip for the perfect bag. On the day we were leaving I went into a small antique jewelry store, saw beautiful vintage Cartier and Hermès jewelry (I could barely keep my mouth closed) but no bags. Just as I was walking out I saw some old bags stuffed under a table and there it was! A genuine vintage Yves Saint Laurent satchel from the late '60s! I'm still in awe of this bag.
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Chelsea Lavin, Authenticity Specialist at eDrop-off

Big earrings usually frighten me, but something about these Elizabeth Cole Swarovski Parrot Earrings spoke to me. I had been talking to Ali of Charm & Chain about them on Twitter for months and finally bought them when they were doing a trunk show in Chicago. They're quite a departure for me, but I think that's what makes them so special. I'm still waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them, but I get just as much enjoyment simply looking at them. Thanks, Ali!

Photographed by Amy Creyer, earrings image courtesy of Chelsea Lavin
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Nikia Jefferson, blogger at ChiTown Fashionista

These '80s vintage button covers (used to) belong to my mom. Digging through her insane vintage collection is always a rewarding treasure hunt. But these button covers still remain the most unique and highly coveted items of all of my finds.

Photographed by Devin Mays, button covers image courtesy of Nikia Jefferson
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Jackie Trezzo, Director of Marketing and Creative Development at Sofia Boutique

My most prized possession is a vintage cashmere with fox fur cardigan that my grandmother gave me about eight years ago. I love it because I can now give her once favorite piece a new life.

Photo: Courtesy of Jackie Trezzo
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Shae Peppler, blogger at Vanilla Fringe

This vintage Chanel bag was my grandmother's from what she called "the good ol' days". Several years ago, I was visiting my Grandma and somehow ended up in her "purse closet" going through what seemed like a family photo album. Each bag, be it designer or not, carried a bold memory. When I pulled this beauty from the shelf, my Grandma's face lit up as she told me that when she bought it in New York on a business trip with my Grandpa, there were only a handful made in a select few of the world's biggest (and best) cities and that I could keep it, as long as I promised to take really good care of it. Therefore, this is my very well taken care of stylish treasure.

Photo: Courtesy of Shae Peppler
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Jena Gambaccini, blogger at ChiCity Fashion

It's no secret that I'm a die hard Proenza Schouler fan, and this is the dress that started it all. It's the very first piece of Proenza I've ever owned, from the Spring 2010 collection that made me fall in love with the brand. I would not stop talking about that collection (I still don't shut up about it) so my mom got it for me for college graduation. It does a great job of encompassing my personal style: bright and fun with a little bit of edge. How could you not have a great time in this dress?

Photo: Courtesy of Jena Gambaccini

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