Strictly Business: 6 Perfect Work Outfits Styled By Savvy Locals

Getting dressed for work is just too big a challenge, some days — specifically, we're talking about the days when we just stare at our closets, willing something fabulous to magically appear. And it never does, obvi. (C'mon, fairy godmother — bring on the Lanvin, already!) But some Washington ladies have a serious knack for putting together oh-so-chic ensembles in spite of our city's constricting, conservative work environments — they actually make it look easy.
We checked in with some of our favorite local bloggers to see what they've been wearing to their 9-to-5 gigs, and we have to say: These business-y babes are crushing it. We picked 6 stellar looks that you — yes, you, standing there in your bathrobe — can master in minutes. We'll show you how — all you have to do is click through.