How To Layer For A Summer Wedding

As this gorgeous weather settles over us, one question rings out all over Chicago: What do I wear to a wedding? (Say it with a little panic in your voice, and you know you're truly a local.) Well, today we answer it.
Wedding season in Chi-town is fast and furious, and before you know it, half of your summer weekends are dedicated to other people's matrimonial bliss. Add in some tricky weather and our infamous winds, and you've got a serious dressing dilemma. Even if you've found the perfect gown (well done!), you're still going to have to bring along something to wear over it, should the temperature (or blasting air conditioning) demand it. So, we picked four amazing dresses for the stylish wedding guest, and to sweeten the deal, we also paired them with the ideal layering piece to make sure you're not stuck borrowing a huge, rented tuxedo jacket all night long. Eww.

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