Fall Playlist: 12 Amazing Songs To Download!


"Untitled" collage on paper by Hisham Akira Bharoocha.

Lately, we've been stockpiling great new tracks like little music squirrels, but can you blame us? This fall, we're loving all the fresh female voices, so we decided to make you a playlist featuring some of the best artists around. From indie-rock royalty to YouTube sensations and brand-new discoveries, these are the songs that'll make you hit repeat. Don't worry, we didn't forget the bros —though, the testosterone is toned down, and you'll probably hear more synthesizers than guitars on this mix. Yeah, this playlist might not soundtrack your next dance party, but it should help you find a new favorite band. Enjoy!
Download each song individually—or—for continuous listening, download the entire Refinery29 fall 2011 playlist mixed by Night Plane.
To download tracks, right-click on the link and save the file.
01-winter-beatsI Break Horses—Hearts

"Winter Beats" [MP3]
Not to generalize or anything, but Swedish bands seem to always take all the things we like about a musical genre, and warp it so that it becomes something otherworldly. Here, '90s shoegaze gets a Swedish massage, with arpeggiated synthesizers taking the place of hazy guitars.
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02-staircaseRadiohead—The King of Limbs (Singles)
"Staircase" [MP3]
We were bugging when we saw Radiohead with two drummers recently, and this track makes good use of both of them. Buy this album
03-eyes-be-closedWashed Out—Within and Without (Bonus Track Version)

"Eyes Be Closed" [MP3]
Lush doesn't even begin to describe this track. It's like swimming in a warm pool in slow motion.
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04-answerCANT—Dreams Come True
"Answer" [MP3]
A moody, atmospheric song-poem from Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor . . . at least until the big drums kick in and it becomes an unexpected dance jam. Buy this album

"Hold On" (feat. Sampha) [MP3]
We didn't see it coming, but with James Blake and now SBTRKT, dubstep is turning out some legitimately great R&B jams.
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06-im-not-going-anywhereNika & Rory—I'm Not Going Anywhere

"I'm Not Going Anywhere" [MP3]
You can't recognize it right away, but this is Nika of Zola Jesus fame (or infamy). Here, she turns out the kind of uplifting and beautiful auto-tune-pop we knew she was capable of, but totally didn't expect from her.
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All music is for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If you would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.

Purity Ring—Belispeak

"Belispeak" (Single) [MP3]
This Canadian duo manages to split the difference between dubstep and electro-pop, so you can nod your head as you sing along.
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08-ritual-unionLittle Dragon—Ritual Union

"Ritual Union" [MP3]
The title track from this Swedish group's third album is like a lost Prince B-side; soulful, tense, and unforgettable.
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09-star-fire-powerGardens & Villa—Gardens & Villa

"Star Fire Power" [MP3]
We like the chugging propulsion in this track. It keeps driving until the only logical conclusion is to listen to it again. And again.
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10-blue-jeansLana Del Rey—Video Games

"Blue Jeans" [MP3]
We'll skip over the whole internet debate about Lana Del Rey's image and videos, and focus on the music. Because we dig the poppy Mazzy Star thing she has going on here.
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11-bobbyYouth Lagoon—The Year of Hibernation
"Bobby" (Bonus Track) [MP3]
This is one of the most emotionally gripping tracks we've heard in a while. It blows our mind that it was made by a college kid from Boise. Buy this album

"Anti-Pioneer" [MP3]
We've been waiting patiently for this one and it was completely worth it. Something about Feist's voice against the sparse instrumentation just slays us.
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All music is for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If you would like for us to remove a track, please email us at feedback@refinery29.com.

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