Fair Trade: Get Free Beauty Products From EcoTools' New Recycling Program

EcoTools' new Choose to Live Beautifully program launched this month and it's all about the word "free." Because they're giving away free products! Awesome! Okay, it's about free products and upping your green game. Through a partnership with RecycleBank, EcoTools will collect and recycle your old beauty products and, in exchange, give you some EcoTools—gratis. Just send in your old beauty products, get a coupon for $7.99 worth of EcoTools, and sleep better knowing that your old makeup brushes, unfinished body lotions, and bath scrubbies will be recycled properly instead of cluttering a landfill. There's a limit of two coupons per person, but rest assured, you can recycle as many products—or types of products, makeup included—as you want. To help you cash in on that coupon, we rounded up a few of EcoTools' new summer options, and, check out the Choose to Live Beautifully website for more information.
EcoTools Bamboo Finishing Kabuki, $7.99, available at Ulta; EcoTools Body Wash, $5.99, available at Walgreens; EcoTools EcoPouf Cleansing Pad, $2.99, available at Target; EcoTools Bamboo Smudge Eyeliner Brush, $4.99, available at Ulta.

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