Our Fave Facebook Billionaire: This “Homeless” San Jose Graffiti Artist

Of all the billion-dollar Facebook payday stories clogging the web right now (and filling our hearts with seething jealousy), we think we like that of "homeless" San Jose graffiti artist David Choe the best.
Okay, first things first. He's not going to become a billionaire, rather a $200 millionaire, according to the Daily Mail UK, after he opted for stock options over a few thousand dollars when asked to put murals all over Facebook's HQ back in 2005.
And while art-school dropout Choe describes himself as "homeless" on his website (he justifies it by explaining that he hardly ever stays put), we're thinking he now has the cash to build a mansion...or ten...and make himself quite comfy.
Or maybe Choe can just continue padding around the earth. On the "About" page on his site, he says his goal is to "retire early, illustrate the entire bible, and paint the entire Wall of China." Yep, you can probably do all of that now.
Choe told the NY Times that he thought Facebook was "ridiculous and pointless" when he drew that first mural (his paintings can now be found all over FB's offices), but like a true start-up savvy Bay Area resident, he also understood the possibly huge value of stock options.
Although this richer-than-God artist isn't offering many quotes to the press after Facebook filed the paperwork for its historic $5 billion IPO yesterday, you can get to know him in the little video clip above...and also watch The Zuck awkwardly spray paint a stick figure. Classic.

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