Exclusive! We Talk Shop With The Designer Of American Apparel Jeans

Designer Georges Atlan, a man who has produced over 20 million pairs of jeans, has teamed up with American Apparel for the launch of a new denim line that aims to add a new denim basic to women's wardrobes. We spoke with Atlan about the launch and asking him a thing or two about how to find the perfect jean, and what it's like working with Mr. Headline, Dov Charney.
Tell us about the styles you just launched. Why did you chose to do a high-waisted style (for both pants and shorts) in two washes, instead of a more generic cut like a skinny leg or a boot-cut.
"In my opinion, it's not a great moment for denim. It all looks the same. You can find 20 brands in one store with the same cut, just different detailing on the back pockets. We are working on a lot of different styles, but for our denim debut, it was more important to us to launch with a fresh signature look, supported by a perfect little short. Our jean is an important shape from both a fashion and basic point of view—the high rise, extra room in the thigh and soft tapering to the ankle creates a longer, leaner silhouette that is not so easy to find. Our version works in a way that will give women a new basic to work with. Our plan is to continue releasing more new basics that will fill more voids in the market, for both men and women."
American Apparel has been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. What prompted you to launch a denim line with them? What led you to work for AA?
"Headlines are for selling newspapers. What I got to know about Dov is that he's a great business man and his factory is very highly structured. I've seen many factories in places like Europe, the U.S, Hong Kong, and Japan and Dov has the hardest-working employees I've ever seen. They have great respect for him, which told me everything I needed to know. As we got to know each other, it was obvious that with our explosive passion for this business, his brand and facilities, plus my expertise in denim, we had to go forward together to make American Apparel known for denim."
Can you give us some denim fit tips? What are things to keep tabs on when trying on jeans so one can get the best fit ever?
It has to fit like a glove. It is all about composition and getting the proportion right. You know it when you see it, but the best way to know is by the attention you get when you are wearing the jeans.
You probably own an unbelievable amount of jeans, but is there any particular style/brand that you've maintained a love affair with through the years?
I don't buy jeans, I make them. I make what I like and wear what I make.

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