A Sunglasses DIY Worthy Of The Superstars (Or Just Aspiring Divas)

If you're fans of Rihanna's style, Beyoncé's look, or Lady Gaga's ferocity, you're probably familiar with A-Morir and its designer, Kerin Rose. The self-proclaimed "Queen Mother of Shade," (how's that for title to go on your business cards?) was kind enough to show us a DIY that's near and dear to her heart: embellishing your own sunglasses.
While the end product isn't quite as striking as the spiked, studded, lace-covered, bejeweled, chain-dripped, and jewel-encrusted A-Morir originals (you have to check them out here), you will be able to dip your toes in that over-the-top, embellished-sunglasses water all on your own. So, grab a pair of less-than-lively frames and hit the craft store. And get ready to see the world in a fantastic new light!

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