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12 Affordable Maximalist Products That’ll Elevate Your Home, According To An Interior Designer

It only takes one cursory glance — a second, really — at Dominique Fluker’s home to get a sense of her aesthetic. Vibrant cobalt blue walls, sculptural chairs, shiny brass accents, a plethora of textures, mesmerizing artwork — a stunning, glorious mash-up that lends itself to a cohesive design that she very accurately describes as “eclectic maximalism.” 
“I personally gravitate toward big colors, patterns, and textures. My home space is an extension of me and my personality — it’s important to have your home be a place of creativity, love, and passion,” says the 29-year-old Los Angeles-based interior designer, who founded her interior styling studio DBF Interiors just last year after she overhauled her home at the height of the pandemic. Others saw the incredible before/afters, and after fielding inquiries, she launched her business with the intention to help others transform their spaces. 
“As a Black woman, there aren’t many spaces I feel safe in. My home is one place where I absolutely feel safe, so I need to make sure it’s comfortable, it reflects who I am, and it has joy,” Fluker says. “Unfortunately, many women of color can’t experience that anywhere else in the world but their home. That’s why DBF Interiors is so important for women — to create a place they can retreat to, feel comfortable, safe, and loved.” 
Her advice for those who are intrigued by eclectic maximalism but scared to take that leap — whether that be fear of color, of getting sick of the outcome, of it “not working” — Fluker simply says to “trust your judgment.” Nothing is permanent, so start small, with pops of color (an accent wall as opposed to painting the whole house a loud color), go room by room (parcel out prints if you’re attracted to multiple patterns), and then ramp it up once you’re more comfortable with the look. 
“If you do feel like you're gravitating toward bigger prints or louder colors, you should absolutely go for it,” encourages Fluker, who is also quick to point out that she can design from a minimalistic point of view — her work is all about collaborating with clients. And her absolute favorite place to source pieces is the Opalhouse designed with Jungalow line from Target because “it’s fun, it’s inviting, the pieces are made with intention, and it feels like an elevated experience,” she enthuses. “This line is perfectly designed for the person who loves eclectic maximalism, but also who is new to it all and wants to find their personality through design.” 
With that said, Fluker exercised her discerning eye and plucked her top 12 favorite items from the Opalhouse/Jungalow line that not only resonated with her aesthetic, but could also work in any home. 

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