Need This: Because Sometimes, It Really Does Feel Like All Our Hair Is Falling Out

Dyson 1
Don't get us wrong — we love us some long hair. But as any girl who rocks a glorious mane can tell you, cleaning up after it is no picnic. Those down-to-there strands may be our crowning glory when they're atop our heads, but when they (and our cats, and our roommates) shed all over our floors? Let's just say our super-sized dust bunnies aren't getting a DesignSponge feature anytime soon.
Lucky for those of us fighting the battle of the bunnies, the cleaning pros over at Dyson have a pretty sweet solution: the Tangle-Free Turbine Tool. The tool attaches to your vacuum to effortlessly pick up dirt and hair from carpets and upholstery — but here's the crucial part: It's specially designed to eliminate the gross wad of hair that usually gets stuck in the vacuum's rotating brush. That's right, hair gets effortlessly whisked away, not tangled up — and no tangling means no more pulling, picking, or cutting a nastified knot of hair out of your vacuum. Praise the long-haired goddesses!
So if you love your long hair — but not so much the hairy situation at home — this baby might be worth the spend.... Now, if only Dyson could do something about our (shudder) shower drains...

Photo: Courtesy Dyson

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