This Blows: Drug Dealers Caught For Cocaine Manolos

After two years in operation, a gang of Colombian drug smugglers has been caught in Barcelona for trafficking cocaine in the form of fake Manolo Blahnik shoes.
How did they do it, you ask? Simply by mixing the drug with a liquid until it turned into a paste; Then they'd shape the substance to look like an iconic MB and paint it in colors that would match any array of evening dresses. Of course, after all this, the recipients would turn the shoes back into coke and distribute it for sale.
At the time of their arrest, the drug traffickers had on them nine pounds of cocaine, estimated at around $630,000. And while a real pair of the pumps could set you back upwards of $700, these "specialty" shoes would run you almost 100 times that amount. All six suspects have been successfully arrested, including the married couple who ran the ring — talk about being addicted to fashion. What do you think the movie will be called? (NY Post)

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