A Stylish Ballerina’s Guide To Hayes Valley

Spending the day with a professional ballerina? Yeah, it pretty much fulfills all of our girlhood dreams of tutus and toe shoes. That’s why we tapped soloist in the San Francisco Ballet, Dores Andre to show us around. She's gorgeous, stylish, and talented beyond belief — and just happens to have the insider's vantage point to Hayes Valley.
Hayes has become a second home for Andre. So, naturally, we tagged along with her for an afternoon of shopping and eating — and she was so kind as to show us some of her mind-bending (and body-bending) moves along the way. Plus, any babe who can rock a romper on the daily has our full-fledged support. Prepare yourselves for some serious inspiration, and nab yourself a ticket to this year's Nutcracker, already!