TSA Manhandles One Woman's Afro To Check For Weapons

A heads-up to our ladies that love their 'fros, oversized bouffants or teased-out 'dos: Be wary while traveling these days, because you might end up with an unsolicited head massage while going through TSA. Confused? Yeah, so were we when we first heard about Ms. Isis Brantley, a natural hairstylist from Dallas, who ended up as a recipient of one such unwanted TSA massage last week. Yes, this actually happened. They claimed that her hair needed to be checked for weapons. As much as we understand the need for safety, we're also a bit horrified. Don't the new (controversial) body scanners and metal detectors suffice? What's next? Was Brantley's hair actually a possible threat to our nations security, or was their search just plain offensive? (The Huffington Post)
Photo: Via The Huffington Post

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