3 Perfect Outfits Made For Picnics In The Park

Yep, it’s about that time again.... Once the mercury finally rises (fingers crossed!), sun-soaked hipster haven Dolores Park will be primed to hit maximum capacity. And you'd better bet we’re eagerly planning for days basking in the green and hilly park with our picnic supplies (read: wine and magazines) propped within close reach.
A food- and friend-fueled Dolores Park fete, with sweeping views of the city? It's pretty much a no brainer. The only question, really, is what you'll wear. One minute the rays are a-shining, and the next, your teeth will be chattering. Well, breathe easy, because we’ve taken care of things on that front with these three Perfect Outfits made for Dolores Park lounging. Take your pick from our range of hippie-chic dresses and tomboy-appropriate styles — and we'll see you under the sun.

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