Doggie Bag: Love Your Hair, Coco on the Tube, and Peaches Comes to Our Shores

pamlovePamela Love needs a hat for her amazing, unmanageable hair. Word to Ms. Love: We prefer it flyin' free. (NYMag)
Coco Chanel's rags-to-riches life story has just enough glamour, war, sex, and style to become an Academy-Award© winning film—or a Lifetime Movie of the Week—same diff. (Black Book)
David Arquette and Ben Harper are starting a clothing line that will present at New York Fashion Week. Yeah, that's right. (Show Biz Spy)
Oh crap, nail the furniture to the floor—Cory Kennedy is back in town. (Cory Kennedy)
Speaking of incoming hot messes, Peaches Geldof will be landing here soon. (Mirror UK)
We have never heard of this "NoLITa" of which you speak, but we'd like to know more. (Gridskipper)
Hadley Freeman has had it up to mutherfuckin here with your high-fashion/high-street collaborations. (Guardian UK)

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