Doggie Bag: Menkes on Clark, Lulu in London, and Doom for the Box?

pmlinks0916Hermione Granger makes her glamorous Vogue debut. Somewhere, a Weasley's heart beats faster. (Pictured, NYMag)
Suzy Menkes reviews the new Ossie Clark collection on video. (The Moment)
Where to eat during London Fashion Week—if you actually eat during Fashion Week. Cow. (Times UK)
What to wear when you're trying to soft peddle financial doom. (Racked)
Lulu Kennedy styles it up at London Fashion Week. Any relation to our Cory? (
It only takes a few leaves of paper to sum up the entire DC fashion scene. (Gawker)
A report of all the fun, fun, fun fashion parties that wouldn't let you in as a +1. (JCReport)
Oh mah Celin Cat, dis iz best book eva. Can we haz press copee, pleez? (Gawker)
The fates, and the local community board, align against The Box. (Observer)
"Wagonistas" stay sober all fashion week, leaving Svedka for us. (NYPost)

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