Doggie Bag: LiLo’s Disinvitation, Talese Don’t Cotton to Diesel, and Getting Over Goth

pmlinks1014The Post in needlepoint—Amazing. We can't wait to see "Headless Body Found in Topless Bar" on a throw rug. (Animal)
By the way, Cool Hunting has the Safe lookbook. (Cool Hunting)
For those of us who grew up reading it, watching Rolling Stone shrink is kinda like watching our hairlines recede. (Huffington Post)
Gay Talese does not approve of the lines for Diesel's Dirty XXX denim—and if Gay Talese don't like it, then we don't want no part of it. (Racked)
Will Lauren Bush fulfill our daydreams by voting for Obama? Stay tuned. (NYPost)
Lindsay Lohan wasn't invited to Alexander Wang's show. Who be the mean girl now, Red? (The Cut)
Here's a handy guide for all you recovering goths out there. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. (Gala Darling)

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