Doggie Bag: Fashion Trash, Botox Clutch, Horyn Returns

links0821Michael Bastian, Cynthia Rowley, and Bono design high-concept trash cans for, what we assume must be, some very high-concept trash. (Black Book)
That sudden dip in Obama's poll numbers? Blame the sandals. (Social Moldova)
The Botoxed purse—an accessory only Nicole Kidman could love. (Jezebel)
Amanda Bynes, Venus Williams, and some chic named Sarah Jessica Parker will still have somewhere to sell their CDFA-nominated clothes. (Fabsugar)
Gemma Ward is not—we reapeat—not retiring. You may now step back from the ledge. (NYMag)
Models at Cape Town Fashion Week measure their legs, partially because they have body image issues, but mostly just to make you feel bad. (Fabsugar)
Oh, Cathy, Cathy! It's good to have you back from your nature retreat. Now get back to blogging, crazypants. (NYTimes)

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