Your Love Life Might Feel The Solar Eclipse's Effects For The Rest Of The Week

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
Did you feel the spiritual shift that came with Monday's solar eclipse? Well, buckle up if you're in a relationship or actively dating: The effects of this celestial event will keep coming at you in waves for the rest of the week — if not longer.
According to the Astrotwins, the moon deserves all the credit for this energetic aftershock. Not only did it swoop in front of the sun during the solar eclipse, but it's in the midst of a waxing phase following the new moon on Monday, too. All this adds up to a seriously emotionally charged week ahead. We have reason to believe that isn't a bad thing at all.
Communication doesn't exactly come easily to everyone, especially in the realms of romance. As much as we want to introduce ourselves, make the first move, or initiate a deeper conversation, it's difficult to find the words — and confidence — to make that happen. That's where this week's expansive lunar influence comes in. As it begins its journey back to fullness, the moon sends us a loud and clear message: Get out there and get moving. This phase dictates that it's no longer in our best interest to hesitate or guard our hearts, especially if someone has been waiting for us to open up.
But, like we said, that's easier said than done.
Luckily, there are a few ways we can take advantage of this warm and fuzzy lunar energy (without leaping completely outside of our comfort zone). Plenty of Fish's resident dating expert, Shannon Smith, says setting realistic goals is great first step to opening your heart: Challenge yourself to message someone new every day this week or let go of the idea that you have a perfect "type" you must pursue. When you become more accessible, so does the dating world.
Already coupled? Don't worry — this week's moon is set to boost your romantic life, too. This is a perfect time to seek a deeper level of emotional intimacy with your partner, as long as you don't ask your S.O. to reveal their darkest truths right off the bat. Celeste Headlee, conversation expert and author of the upcoming book, We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter, recommends asking about something that makes them happy instead. Discussing your partner's fondest childhood memory or their favorite people will help them feel comfortable sharing more with you in the future.
If you still aren't sure about taking that romantic leap of faith, Smith says to keep in mind that it's not the end of the world if a date or conversation doesn't go as you hoped. Viewing a less than satisfactory meetup as little more than a funny story to tell your friends later will help you stay open to new possibilities, she adds.
There's never a bad time to harness the moon's energy but, between the revelatory nature of the solar eclipse and the emotional launch pad that waxing phases can provide, this week the moon is crying out for our attention. All we need to do is look up.
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