Win DODOcase's New S.F.-Centric iPad Case!

The momentum on local iPad case-making company DODOcase doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon. A couple of months ago DODO, makers of fine handmade iPad2 cases using traditional book-binding methods, announced their first artist collaboration with local Rex Ray. Then, President Obama was spotted with a DODOcase tucked under his arm just about the same time that J.Crew recruited the company to make a special edition for its millions of customers. And now DODO has another super-exciting announcement in the form of the Ork DODOcase—out today!—a product created with local designer Jenny Beorkrem of Ork Poster fame. These brand-spankin'-new cases are about as local as they come. Not only are they designed and crafted in DODO's new Dogpatch workspace, they also feature a graphic of a San Francisco map that details our city's rich literary history. We caught up with Beorkrem to talk about her first-ever collaboration, below.
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How did this collaboration with DODOcase come about?
"I am contacted every once in a while about working on a collaboration, but most people just want to reuse the Ork designs and just slap them onto Product XYZ. Since the beginning, it has been my prerogative to keep the Ork maps protected as wall art and not let them become logos or ‘stock images’ by putting them on just any and every product out there. I’ve never done any sort of Ork related product or off-shoot of the designs. So when DODOcase approached me, I responded with a scripted, 'No, but thank you for asking.' But they replied again, clarifying that they were interested in a new and collaborative design for the case, maybe related to the Ork designs or maybe not, and I learned a bit more about exactly what kind of a company they were. The quality product, the hands-on nature of manufacturing and the attitude of the business partners aligns so well with what Ork Posters stands for. I got to see it first hand when I went out to visit the DODOcase headquarters. And the people there were so great to work with!"
What was the concept behind the case?
"We decided the Ork DODOcase had to be very San Fran-focused, literary-related, either historical or present day, and we had to make sure it was visually interesting because, at the end of the day, the case is going to be something you look at over and over."
Do you think S.F.'s literary history is often forgotten?
"Maybe it is sometimes over-looked, but I would hope that through pieces like this we can help to make sure it's not forgotten. While I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert on Bay Area literary history, there certainly was a whole lot that I learned during this project that I suspect most San Franciscans are unaware of, as well. Generally, if you're interested in that information, you'll seek it out, but I don't think it hurts to hand it to people in a new form like on the Ork DODOcase. Most designers would dub the purpose of an iPad case design to be decorative, but why not make it informative, too? That same equation—decoration plus information—has given such success to our neighborhood posters."
Who is your favorite literary icon in San Francisco?
"I like short and sweet, so I'm drawn to the poetry of George Sterling. I don't think anyone's coined a better description of San Francisco since he dubbed it "The cool, grey city of love."
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