5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 23 2012

This DIY iPad case is not only super cheap and super chic, but it also can double as packing material when you need to ship your bestie a present. On second thought, you'll want to keep this bubble-mailer accessory all to yourself. (Stylelist)
Even if you're a little too young to remember MTV Art Breaks from the '80s (it's okay, a few of us are in the same boat) you'll now have a chance to (re)acquaint yourself with some music-television programming that has a little less to do with beach-house debauchery and much more to do with amazing, modern-day works of video art. (Elle)
This may not be what you had in mind for your "something borrowed," but it can help you stretch your wedding budget in a very big way. Peep this bridal-wear company that rents out wedding dresses for the big day… with an option to buy. (Ecouterre)
Think your job is stressful? Try being the guy/gal who's in charge of unwrapping the Mona Lisa when it arrives at the Louvre, or the person who installs a Damien Hirst. We're getting nervous just thinking about the pressure. (Flavorwire)
Five dollars can't buy you all that much, but it can land you a seemingly realistic, yet totally fabricated Facebook relationship, including gushy wall posts and cyber x's and o's. Shudder with us at this writer's creepy account of what it's like to actually purchase from GirlfriendHire. (Gizmodo)

Photo: Via Stylelist

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